111-8-62-.26 Residents’ Rights

(1) As a minimum, the following rights shall be guaranteed and cannot be waived by the resident or the resident’s representative or legal surrogate, if any: (a) Each resident shall receive care, and services which shall be adequate, appropriate, and in compliance with applicable federal and state law and regulations, without discrimination in the quality […]

111-8-62-.25 Resident Files.

(1) An individual resident file shall be maintained by the administrator or on-site manager for each resident in the home. Personal information shall be treated as confidential and shall not be disclosed except to the resident and his or her representative or legal surrogate, if any, an authorized agent of the Department, and others to […]

111-8-62-.23 Temperature Conditions.

(1) The temperature throughout the home shall be maintained by an adequate central heating system or its equivalent at ranges which are consistent with individual health needs of residents. During winter months, temperature during waking hours should be maintained at 70-75 degrees F and should not drop below 62 degrees F. during sleeping hours. (2) […]

111-8-62-.22 Nutrition

(1) A minimum of three regularly scheduled, well-balanced, meals shall be assured seven days a week. Not more than fourteen hours shall elapse between the substantial evening and morning meal. Meals shall meet the general requirements for nutrition published by the Department or currently found in the Recommended Daily Diet Allowances, Food and Nutrition Board, […]