(Deficiency) 0054 – Medication – Records (Mars Signed, No Med Given)

Class III 0054 – Medication – Records Based on record review and interview, the facility failed to maintain an accurate and updated Medication Observation Records (MOR). for 1 of 2 sampled residents. (Resident#1). The findings include: (date) at 9:20AM the 2016 MOR for Resident#1 was reviewed and listed: Flexeril 10mg Tab Take 1 by 3 […]

ST – A0054 – Medication – Records

Title Medication – Records Statute or Rule 58A-5.0185(5) FAC (5) MEDICATION RECORDS. (a) For residents who use a pill organizer managed in subsection (2), the facility must keep either the original labeled medication container; or a medication listing with the prescription number, the name and address of the issuing pharmacy, the health care provider ‘ […]