New Staff Requirement


Effective March 31, 2019, if your ALF has 11 beds and up your staff, whom who engage in the storage, preparation, or serving of food, or cleaning of equipment, utensils, or food contact and non-food contact surfaces, will be required to be trained annually, In the past, AHCA required your staff to be in-serviced one time. […]

AHCA Staff Related Deficiencies Lead The Way

AHCA Staff Related Deficiencies

    Easy But Not So Easy Making sure your facility staff records and staff training are in AHCA compliance should be one of the easiest compliance tasks your facility is faced with. The regulations are in black and white. It’s either you have the required items or you don’t. So why is it so hard […]

Creating Your 2 Hr Pre-Service Orientation

2 Hr Pre-Service Orientation

Here is a format you can follow to help you design and Create a 2 Hr Pre-Service Orientation for your facility. Keep in mind your facility is unique and you can change it to reflect your facility Pascal BergeronHas over 18 yrs of ALF Administration experience. With his hands on experience, he has developed and […]

Wrong Inservice Duration Leads To AHCA Deficiencies

Wrong Inservice Duration Leads To AHCA Deficiencies

It is important to know the regulations regarding the required duration times for required staff in-services. Sometimes staff will present you with certificates of in-services they have received which don’t meet regulations. Facility operators think that because a certificate was issued that it meets the regulation and considers the criteria met. The deficiency example above […]