The Gardens of Lake Alfred

Business Office Manager for ALF Community

Job Description
This Business Office Manager position is for a Assisted Living Community with a high volume of Medicaid/Long Term Managed Care. As the director in this position, you also need CORE certification. The payroll process for this community will require you to work on the 1st and 15th of EVERY month regardless of the day due to the company’s payroll policy as the pay dates are the 7th & 22nd of every month. These requirements mentioned above are REQUIRED for this position.

The following are skills needed to perform the essential functions of caregiving of this job in the interest of residents/patients. The ability to:

-Long Term Managed Care billing and knowledge is REQUIRED

-Assist residents with the resolution of questions or concerns regarding monthly billing    statements

-Communicate a sense of caring, concern and dignity for residents

-Perform the essential functions of the job in a manner that benefits residents of the       facility and complies with business necessity.


Business Office Manager provides routine assistance in a manner conducive to the comfort and safety of residents in accordance with Federal, State, and local regulations, and are delegated the responsibility for carrying out the assigned duties by the Executive Director, Controller Director of Nursing Services, Administrator or other assigned supervisory personnel to assure that the highest degree of quality resident care can be maintained at all times. Use of discretion and independent judgment used to evaluation and determine possible courses of action. Employees in this position perform work that affects business operations to a substantial degree and provides consultation or expert advice to management and involved in long- and short-term business planning.


The following job functions have been determined to be essential to the position of a Business Office Manager. Because of fluctuations in workload demands, as well as tasks often overlapping, frequency ranges and percentages vary by assignment, day of week, day, evening or night shift, etc. However, low frequency and percentage or duration of time spent on a particular task may not indicate lack of importance. (Property Name) reserves the right to modify this list of essential and other functions as deemed necessary.

· Assess Late Fees for any unpaid rents

· Prepare Rent/Ancillary Invoices

· Print, Hand Deliver/Mail/Fax/Email all Invoices

· Show the facility when no one is available

· Work weekend MOD schedule as needed

· Any other duties as assigned by Executive Director.

Job Title: Business Office Manager (continued)

As an essential function of the job, Business Office Manager is regularly called on to effectively report emergencies such as residents’ condition changes, as well as accidents and incidents, complaints and grievances by residents and their families, etc. It is determined that Business Office Manager has the ability to communicate with others and do not pose a direct threat to the safety or health of him/her self or others.


In the interest of residents, Business Office Manager will have the preferred minimum educational background of having a high school diploma or GED equivalency.

CORE Administrator Certification


Business Office Manager will have six months experience working in a nursing home, hospital, home health agency, or other health care facility working with resident billing.


The following is a list of the principal equipment, materials, machines, tools, etc. used by Business Office Manager.

Copy Machine
Facsimile Machine
Postage Machine
Other miscellaneous devices Nursing and Office supplies


Except where appropriate and conducive to accomplishing the goals and objectives of a particular task, the Business Office Manager will work in a well-lighted area that is ventilated and as physically, innocuous as possible under the conditions which exist at a particular time. Because the essential functions of the job of Business Office Manager may cause exposure to situations associated with general involvement in a healthcare facility, including but not limited to exposure to AIDS, HIV, and Hepatitis B viruses, to be qualified for the position of Business Office Manager, applicants and employees will have the ability to work in the environment conducive to caring for residents without posing a direct threat to self or others.


Activity Frequency of Activity

Sitting Frequently (3-6 hours)

Walking Constantly (6-8+ hours)

Standing Occasionally (0-3 hours)

Bending (Neck) Frequently (3-6 hours)

Bending (Waist) Frequently (3-6 hours)

Squatting Frequently (3-6 hours)

Job Title: Business Office Manager (continued)

Climbing Occasionally (0-3 hours)

Kneeling Frequently (3-6 hours)

Crawling Occasionally (0-3 hours)

Twisting (neck) Constantly (6-8+ hours)

Twisting (waist) Constantly (6-8+ hours)

Hand Use: Is Repetitive use of hand required? Yes

Simple Grasping Dominant Constantly (6-8+ hours)

Simple Grasping Non-Dominant Occasionally (0-3 hours)

Power Grasping (right hand) Occasionally (0-3 hours)

Power Grasping (left hand) Occasionally (0-3 hours)

Fine Manipulation (right hand) Frequently (3-6 hours)

Fine Manipulation (left hand) Frequently (3-6 hours))

Pushing & Pulling (right hand) Occasionally (0-3 hours)

Pushing & Pulling (left hand) Occasionally (0-3 hours)

Reaching (above shoulder level) Frequently (3-6 hours)

Reaching (below shoulder level) Frequently (3-6 hours)

Lifting Frequency Height

0-10 lbs. Constantly (6-8+ hours) 0-4 feet

11-25 lbs. Occasionally (0-3 hours) 0-4 feet

26-50 lbs. Occasionally (0-3 hours) 0-2 feet

Carrying Frequency Distance

0-10 lbs. Constantly (6-8+ hours) 20 feet

11-25 lbs. Occasionally (0-3 hours) 20 feet

26-50 lbs. Occasionally (0-3 hours) 0-10 feet

Describe the heaviest item required to carry and the distance to be carried: Resident supplies, maximum distance carried is 0 – 10 feet.

This job requires the following:

Working around equipment and machinery.
Walking on uneven ground
Exposure to excessive noise such as resident complaints, TV, Radio noise, call lights or body alarms
Exposure to dust, gas, fumes or chemicals such as cleaning chemicals
Working with bio-hazards such as: blood or air borne pathogens or bodily fluids.
Universal Precautions Risk Classification Categories:

Task may involve exposure to blood or bodily fluids.


Business Office Manager will follow the dress code of the facility by wearing the appropriate uniform, which includes neat, clean, odor-free grooming.

Business Office Manager report promptly to the assigned area at the start of each shift and become informed on the current condition of all assigned residents/patients


Rent roll/Daily Census
Process Move ins, move outs
HR-new hires with all state required testing & training
Bank Deposits
Resident Fund Accounting & Software
A/R- all aspects
Mail monthly invoices
Process payroll
Initiate payroll narrative from managers to supplement grid
Fulfill HR Role (see additional expectations from HR)
Directly manage the receptionist staff


Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $40,000.00 to $50,000.00 /Annually-Experience Based

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