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Position Title: Resident Care Director-LPN

Department: Assisted Living

Report to: Executive Director

Date: 7-1-2019

The following our skills needed to perform the essential functions of caregiving of this job in the interest of residents. The ability to:

• Effectively manage assisted living with regard to residence, employees, families, visitors and our community vendors and partners.

• Make prompt and accurate administrative judgments.

• Ensure compliance with established Legislation and policy and company standards.

• Effectively communicate with residence, staff, families, visitors, and others and convey a sense of caring and concern for dignity.

• Resolve conflicts between staff, residence, visitors, and others.

• Perform the essential functions of the job in a manner that benefits residence of the assisted living in compliance with business necessity.


Resident Care Director provides routine assistance in a manner conducive to the comfort and safety of residence in accordance with the Federal, State, and local regulations, and are delegated and responsibility for carrying out the assigned duties by the Executive Director or other assigned supervisory personnel to assure that the highest degree of quality resident care can be maintained at all times. Primary duties include managing assisted living facility with at least 50% of the time performing exempt work planning and controlling the budget of the department employee hiring, counseling and termination and monitoring legal compliance measures within the department


The following job functions have been determined to be essential to the position of an RCD. Because of fluctuations in workload demands, as well as tasks often overlapping frequency ranges and percentages vary by assignment day of week, day evening, or night shift etc. However, low frequency and percentage or duration of time spent on a particular task may not indicate lack of importance The Gardens of Lake Alfred reserve the right to modify this list of essential and other functions as deemed necessary

• Implement personnel policies and procedures and assure compliance by staff.

• Hire, train, motivate, supervise, and evaluate assisted living personnel.

• Assure quality patient care is provided consistent with company policies and budget objectives.

• Ensure that facility meets the companies establish standards as, well as standards of accreditation established by licensing and certification agencies

• Assure that establish budget guidelines for facility are maintained through a development implementation and monitoring of budget control and cost containment programs.

Job Title: Resident Care Director (continued)

· Assure compliance with company policies procedures and standards regarding accounting and bookkeeping within the facility.

· Prepare reports of surveys complaints or other inspections patient assessment or other audits buyers or other disasters legal problems and any other unusual or non-routine matters.

· Participate individually and in teamwork at The Gardens of Lake Alfred in striving for quality Services resident care and job performance.

· Maintain privacy and confidentiality of records conditions in other information relating to residence employees and facility.

· Solicit review intervene and report complaints and grievances made by resident’s families’ visitors or agencies.

· Prepare schedules for staff ordering and billing for supplies.

· Maintain or increase census.

· Assure safety of staff and residents.

· Work with marketing to assist new with new residents.

· Maintain proper paperwork for state and Ombudsman council.

· Attend monthly safety committee meetings

· Attend weekly health commit meetings

· In-service staff to maintain C.E.U

· Attend weekly staff marketing and discharge meetings

· Meet with residents to see needs are met order in special need and assist in

· Maintaining activities of daily living in their independence

· Maintain shower and laundry schedule

· Work with assisted-living resident Council

· Visit residents in hospital meet with staff on a quarterly basis

· Oversee smooth operation of nursing office

· Establish and encourage and atmosphere of optimism, warmth, and interest in residents’ personal and health care needs

· Follow established smoking regulations and report violations

· Perform other duties as assigned

As an essential function of the job, the RCD is regularly caught on to effectively report emergencies such as residents’ conditions changes, as well as accidents and incidents, complaints and grievances by residents and their families, etc. it is determined that RCD has ability to communicate with others and do not pose a direct threat to the safety or health of self or others


In addition to the Central job functions described above the following job functions are important to the proper fulfillment of their duties of RCD

Job Title: Resident Care Director (continued)

· Audit documentation for errors or inconsistencies and make necessary corrections or document reasons for corrections not made.

· Maintain licensing with hospitals and other health facilities in the community and coordinate services Through working and transfer agreements.

· Coordinate work with state social services and state federal health agencies

· Complete remainder of medical forms reports evaluations studies Charting not considered as essential functions

· Perform emergency procedures Such as cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

· Review and determine validity of license and or certified personnel for meeting the requirements and assist in the development and conducting of routine health safety and back care training programs to prevent worker injuries

· Schedule staff

· Ordering and filling of supplies

· Operate within budget

· Assist in maintaining quality activities program

· Oversee smooth operation of nursing office

· Perform other lady duties as assigned


In the interest of Residents patients RCD will have the preferred minimum of being a licensed practical nurse will have Additional training in a social or medically related field relevant to working in this position.


The resident care director will hold a current CORE Training Certificate (if needed)


It is preferred the RCD will have two years experience working as an assistant RCD or other position closely related to the essential functions of this position, with emphasis on hospital, Long-term care or other healthcare administration and in making sound judgments.


The following is a list of the principal equipment, materials, machines, tools etc. used by the RCD

· Charts

· Assessment records

· Computer

· calculator

· copy machine

· telephone

· other miscellaneous devices and office supplies


An RCD must be capable of lifting a minimum of forty pounds.

Job Title: Resident Care Director (continued)

Physical strength required in our CD must be capable of lifting a minimum of 40

The Gardens of Lake Alfred has determined that to perform the essential functions of the job of RCD, that persons must be able to perform the essential physical tasks without causing a direct threat to the health or safety of him/her self or others including residence coworkers and others.


Except where appropriate and conducive to Accomplishing the goals and objectives of a particular task (such as monitoring a sleeping resident/patient), the RCD will work in a well-lighted area that is ventilated and as physically innocuous As possible under the conditions which exist at a particular time

Because essential functions of the job of RCD may cause exposure to situations associated with general involvement in a healthcare facility, including but not limited to exposure to AIDS, HIV, and Hepatitis B viruses.



Sitting Frequently (3-6 hours)

Walking Constantly (6-8+ hours)

Standing Frequently (3-6 hours)

Bending (Neck) Frequently (3-6 hours)

Bending (Waist) Occasionally (0-3hours)

Squatting Occasionally (0-3hours)

Climbing Occasionally (0-3hours)

Twisting (Neck) Occasionally (0-3hours)

Twisting (Waist) Occasionally (0-3hours)

Hand Use: Is repetitive use of hand required? yes

Simple Grasping Dominant Constantly (6-8+ hours)

Simple Grasping Non-Dominant Occasionally (0-3hours

Power Grasping (right hand) Frequently (3-6 hours)

Power Grasping (left hand) Frequently (3-6 hours)

Fine Manipulation (right hand) Constantly (6-8+ hours)

Fine Manipulation (left hand) Constantly (6-8+ hours)

Pushing & Pulling (right hand) Occasionally (0-3hours)

Pushing & Pulling (left hand) Occasionally (0-3hours)

Reaching (above shoulder level) Frequently (3-6 hours)

Reaching (below shoulder level) Frequently (3-6 hours)

Lifting Frequency

0-10 lbs Constantly (6-8+ hours)

11-25 lbs Occasionally (0-3hours)

26-50 lbs Occasionally (0-3hours)

Carrying Frequency

0-10 lbs Constantly (6-8+ hours)

11-25lbs Occasionally (0-3hours)

26-50 lbs Occasionally (0-3hours)

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