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***  $500 sign on bonus after 90 days of employment completion***

Position Title:            Cook

Department:                Foodservice

Report to:                    Food Service Director

The following are skills needed to perform the essential functions of the position of Cook. The ability to:

Recognize and respond to the dietary needs of residents
Effectively prepare and serve food, clean-up kitchen and dietary area, prepare reports and related paperwork.
Make prompt and accurate judgments related to resident meals and food service
Effectively manage time to perform tasks in a manner that benefits residents
Perform the essential functions of the job in a manner that benefits residents of the facility and complies with business necessity

The duties and responsibilities of the Cook include preparing and serving quality food according to established recipes and following the prepared recipes and menus, as well as maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene, all in accordance with current applicable federal, state and local standards, guidelines and regulations, policies and procedures, and as may be directed by the administrator, dietitian and/ or food service supervisor to assure that quality food service is provided at all times. The person holding this position is delegated the responsibility for carrying out the assigned duties.



The following job functions have been determined to be essential to the position of Cook. Because of fluctuations in workload demands, as well as tasks often overlapping, frequency ranges and percentages vary by assignment, day of week, day, evening or night shift, etc. However, low frequency and percentage or duration of time spent on a particular task may not indicate lack of importance. Southern Gardens reserves the right to modify this list of essential and other functions as deemed necessary.


Prepare and serve meals that are palatable and appetizing and in accordance with portion control procedures, as well as therapeutic diets in accordance with scheduled meals and sanitary regulations.
Review menus prior to preparation of food and inspect special diet trays to assure accurate preparation.
Recognize and respond to dietary emergencies and report observations. Follow established Infection Control and Universal Precaution policies when performing daily tasks.

Wear protective clothing and devices when performing tasks that involve the handling of infectious waste and/or blood/bodily fluids.
Complete forms and reports to document dietary procedures.
Report accidents and incidents to supervisor immediately in all situations. Participate in on-going educational programs related to the job. Maintain confidentiality of all resident information and facility business. Report disrepair of dietary equipment, etc.
Assume the responsibility and accountability of this position
Perform assigned tasks in accordance with policies and procedures as instructed by your supervisor.
Notify the supervisor of pending absence or tardiness within the time frame described in the employee handbook.
Establish and encourage an atmosphere of optimism, warmth and interest in residents’ activity preferences and needs.
Follow established smoking regulations and report violations
Perform other related duties as assigned.


In addition to the essential job functions described above, the following job functions are important to the proper fulfillment of the duties of Cook.
Assist in establishing food service production line, etc. to assure that meals are prepared on time.
Assist in and/or direct scheduled cleaning duties.
Defrost freezers
Participate in and assist with departmental studies and projects as assigned.
Perform other related duties as assigned.

For the safety, health and welfare of the residents, employees and others, the Cook will have a high school diploma or equivalent.



The Cook will take on-going classes in dietary procedures, related law, regulations and guidelines pertaining to hospital and nursing home operation. It is preferred that the employee have previous training through a 90-hour food service program.




The Gardens of Lake Alfred requires the Cook to have a minimum of two years dietary experience working in a hospital, skilled nursing care facility or other related medical facility and a minimum of three years experience in a related position with proven ability in supervision.




The following is a list of the principal equipment, materials, machines, tools, etc. used by the Cook.


Cooking Utensils
Food Processor
Telephone answering
Miscellaneous kitchen appliances and equipment
Miscellaneous supplies




A Cook must be capable of lifting a minimum of fifty pounds.


Southern Gardens has determined that performing the essential functions of the job of Cook requires minimal strength and agility for most routine tasks.



Except where appropriate and conducive to accomplishing the goals and objectives of a particular task, the Cook will work in a well-lighted area that is ventilated and as physically innocuous as possible under the conditions that exist at a particular time. Because the essential functions of the job of Cook require exposure to safety risks such as hot ovens, sharp knives and other situations associated with food preparation, cooking and involvement in a health care facility, including but not limited to exposure to AIDS, HIV, and Hepatitis B viruses will fluctuate.




Activity                                                                                                Frequency of Activity

Sitting                                                                                                  Occasionally (0-3 hours)

Walking                                                                                               Constantly (6-8+ hours)

Standing                                                                                               Constantly (6-8+ hours)

Bending (Neck)                                                                                     Constantly (6-8+ hours)

Bending (Waist)                                                                                    Frequently (3-6 hours)

Squatting                                                                                              Frequently (3-6 hours)

Climbing                                                                                              Occasionally (0-3 hours)

Kneeling                                                                                               Occasionally (0-3 hours)

Crawling                                                                                              Occasionally (0-3 hours)

Twisting (neck)                                                                                     Constantly (6-8+ hours)

Twisting (waist)                                                                                    Constantly (6-8+ hours)

Job Title:         Cook (continued)


Hand Use: Is Repetitive use of hand required?                                        Yes

Simple Grasping Dominant                                                                    Frequently (3-6 hours)

Simple Grasping Non-Dominant                                                            Occasionally (0-3 hours)

Power Grasping (right hand)                                                                  Frequently (3-6 hours)

Power Grasping (left hand)                                                                    Frequently (3-6 hours)

Fine Manipulation (right hand)                                                               Occasionally (0-3 hours)

Fine Manipulation (left hand)                                                                 Occasionally (0-3 hours)

Pushing & Pulling (right hand)                                                               Constantly (6-8+ hours)

Pushing & Pulling (left hand)                                                                 Constantly (6-8+ hours)

Reaching (above shoulder level)                                                             Frequently (3-6 hours)

Reaching (below shoulder level)                                                            Frequently (3-6 hours)


Lifting                                      Frequency                                             Height

0-10 lbs.                                   Frequently (3-6 hours)                           0-2 feet

11-25 lbs.                                 Frequently (3-6 hours)                           0-4 feet

26-50 lbs.                                 Frequently (3-6 hours)                           0-4 feet

51-75 lbs.                                 Occasionally (0-3 hours)                        0-3 feet

76-100 lbs.                               Occasionally (0-3 hours)                        8-10 inches

100+ lbs.                                  Occasionally (0-3 hours)                        8-10 inches


Carrying                                   Frequency                                             Distance

0-10 lbs.                                   Frequently (3-6 hours)                           100 feet

11-25 lbs.                                 Frequently (3-6 hours)                           100 feet

26-50 lbs.                                 Frequently (3-6 hours)                           25 feet

51-75 lbs.                                 Occasionally (0-3 hours)                        0 – 5 feet

76-100 lbs.                               Occasionally (0-3 hours)                        0 – 5 feet

100+ lbs.                                  Occasionally (0-3 hours)                        0 – 5 feet


Describe the heaviest item required to carry and the distance to be carried: A filled stock pot, maximum distance carried is 0 – 10 feet._____________________________________________________________



This job requires the following:


Working around equipment and machinery such as slicers, ovens, mixers, knives, pots and pans, dish machines.
Walking on uneven or wet ground
Exposure to excessive noise such as exhaust fans
Exposure to dust, gas, fumes or chemicals such as cleaning chemicals
Use of special visual, auditory or personal protective equipment
Exposure to temperature changes when walking into and out of walk-in freezers. Exposure to hot surfaces, use of sharp instruments and lifting heavy equipment
Universal Precautions Risk Classification Categories:


Task may involve exposure to blood or bodily fluids.




Job Title:         Cook (continued)




The Cook will meet the dress code for neatness, cleanliness, grooming and dress as specified in the employee handbook.




The Cook will report to work ready for routine duties and emergencies, and may include working varied and/or split shifts and non-standard, day-shift hours.




The Cook reports to the Director of Food and Dining or other person assigned to the supervisory role.




This position is classified as hourly, non-exempt, and does not qualify for the  exemption from minimum wage and overtime pay provided by Section 13(a)(1) of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

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