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Are you suffering from 
trying to keep up with 
AHCA COMPLIANCE in your ALF Facility?

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Here's What you're getting

Complete AHCA Compliance System
  • Admission and Discharge Log Helper
  • ​Facesheet Helper
  • Staff File Compliance Helper
  • ​1823 Creator/Helper

#1 Staff File Compliance Helper

  • AHCA COMPLIANCE HELP - Makes sure all your staff have the required AHCA requirements based on their position, so you don't get cited.
  • AUTOMATION… Set It And Forget It - Automatically reminds you when you need to take actions to staff in AHCA compliance, so you don't have to remember it all!
  • QUICK, EASY ACCESS - Staff files may be accessed on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. So you can access your staff file information anywhere, anytime!
  • EASY LIST PRINTING - Easily print a list of staff who need to take a specific In-Service so you can have a hard copy to go in seconds when you need one.
Staff File Deficiencies are the MOST Cited Item yr after yr

Prevents Deficiencies With Your Staff Files


  • Automatically keeps your Log up to date.
  • Makessure all Log fields are completely filled in at admission and discharge.
  • Allows you to provide Log Info quickly to AHCA.
  • Quickly look up any date ranges of admission and discharge.
  • Print any search results or area of your log.

Prevents Deficiencies With ADMISSION AND DISCHARGE LOg


  • Easily- create professional and easily readable facesheets
  • Quickly - look up a resident's information anywhere, anytime
  • Create - and print lists from all of your residents' data
Organizes and Makes Resident Data Useful
  • New Residents this month
  • Previous month's admissions
  • Discharges this month
  • Discharges previous month
  • Room # List
  • Resident's Insurance List
  • Resident's Physician List
  • Many, Many More...
Instantly Create Useful Lists 

#4  1823 Helper

  • Makes​sure new residents have a 1823 on file within 45 days
  • Reminds you when 1823s are more than 3 yrs old
  • Automatically Fills in Last Page of 1823
  • Health Care Providers Can Now Fill 1823 Electronically
FINALLY You Can Use 1823 Data To Create Lists!
  • Special diet: Calorie controlled
  • Special diet: No added salt
  • Special diet: Low fat/low cholesterol
  • Special diet: Low Sugar
  • Special diet: Other
  • Dialysis residents
  • Hospice residents
  • Elopement Risk
  • Needing Medication management
  • Much More....
Keeps 1823s AHCA Compliant
I'm Pascal, the creator and founder of ALF Boss tools. I have over 20 yrs of experience operating a 114 bed ALF in Florida. I was tired of all the tools that were being produced that were, let's just say, "too complicated" for what I needed for my facility. So I got together with an awesome group of programmers, and the rest is history. I now have an awesome, easy-to-use system that has simplified my daily AHCA compliance tasks! The system has exploded quickly and is used by ALF's all across the state. The system is keeping over 4,000 staff files in compliance, and grows every day.
-Pascal Bergeron

get complete aHCA compliance system

no credit card required