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Set it & Never Forget it with the ALF Boss Staff Module

Let the ALF Boss Staff Module serve as your training
compliance alarm clock. You’ll always know whether staff
are up-to-date and will never again have to scramble when
locating training certificates during a surprise ACHA inspection!

Maintaining HR Records is a Breeze

It takes under than a minute to add a new hire, and voila!
ALF Boss calculates when their AHCA training & task
requirements will be due, based on hire date, position, the
licenses held by your facility, and your staff’s prior training

Create & Schedule Trainings & Tasks

Add staff to training events conducted in your facility
and receive follow-up emails to confirm attendance, and
ALF Boss will automatically update statuses for staff.
You may also create custom trainings & tasks so you
can receive reminders and track completion.

Now Integrated with ALF Boss Trainings

Schedule staff for training events conducted via
ALF Boss Trainings or in your facility, receive
reminders and confirm attendance via automatic
post-event follow-up notifications. You may also
create custom trainings and tasks to receive
reminders and track completion.

Free Trial then only $18 monthly


We are including our Online Staff Training at no extra cost !!