(a) The facility shall develop admission policies and procedures which support the principles of dignity and choice. The
admissions process shall include completion of or the providing of the following:
(1) A service listing which details the services available, the base rates, the services
included in the base rate, and the fees for all other additional services. A service listing
shall also describe services which the facility does not provide, but will assist to arrange or
(2) Handbook or house rules which state the assisted living philosophy and clearly define
the privileges and responsibilities of the resident and the conditions under which
apartment units may be occupied by the residents;
(3) A service plan for the resident developed by facility staff with the resident and
significant others, specifying care and services to be provided, based on resident
needs and choices;
(4) A service contract which documents a completed agreement between the resident and the
facility, describing services to be provided, rates charged, and conditions under which
additional services or fees may be charged;
(5) The resident shall be informed of his or her rights, including steps for complaints and
appeals upon admission; and
(6) Designation of alternative decision-maker or legal representative.
(b) The facility shall develop discharge policies and procedures that include, but not be limited to, the
(1) Residents shall receive a written 14 day
(A) Resident’s behavior imposes an imminent danger to self or others;
(B) The facility cannot meet the resident’s needs with available support services or
services are not available; and
(C) Resident or responsible person has a documented established pattern in the
facility of not abiding by agreements necessary for assisted living; or
(2) Residents shall receive a written notice when:
(A) The facility has had its license revoked, not renewed, or voluntarily surrendered;
(B) Non-payment of charges by the resident.
(3) Residents shall be given the opportunity of an informal conference if requested, in writing,
within 10 days of receipt of discharge notice. The purpose of the conference is to determine
if a satisfactory resolution can be reached. Participants in the conference may include the
facility representative, the resident, and others as designated by the resident, a family
member, or all of these individuals.