Simplify your Assisted Living AHCA compliance daily task

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ALF Boss now does much more for your facility than help you track AHCA-required training and tasks. Let your staff complete their AHCA training and tasks, anywhere, anytime, with ALF Boss Trainings, a mobile learning management app built specifically for assisting living facility staff!

Let your staff monitor required training and tasks with ease


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Adding staff to ALF Boss Trainings is quick & easy. Once an employee’s created in our staff scheduling application the app calculates AHCA-reqiured tasks, trainings and due dates, based on your staff’s hire date, position, responsibilities, prior training completion history, and the type of license held by your facility.

You may invite staff to ALF Boss Trainings from the ALF Boss Staff Module application. Just select the employees you
wish to provide access to and click to send them an SMS
link to download the app and an invite code.

Quick & easy way to provide access to your staff


Signing up to ALF Boss Trainings takes under a minute: after downloading the app, your employees simply need to enter the invite code sent with the invitation SMS, create a username and password, and confirm their phone number.

Let you manage your staff without hassle 


training course

ALF Boss Trainings imports your employee’s data from the ALF Boss Staff Module. Your employee will see any trainings or tasks due within the next 7 days in the app Dashboard. Icons indicate how each task or training can be satisfied.

A “play” icon indicates a training course can be completed in the app. An “info” icon appears for any tasks the employee may be responsible for, such as renewal of a nursing license. If you’ve scheduled any trainings the staff must physically attend through the ALF Boss Staff Module, the training will appear with a map pin icon.

Extract your employee’s data from the ALF Boss Staff Module instantly.


Assisted living training course

Staff may tap any course rows with a “play” icon to begin a training course. Images, video, reading materials, and quizzes,
all written by an AHCA-licensed trainer comprise course materials. Most courses can be completed within an hour, and
the app allows the user to resume a course later if they can’t complete it in a single session.

Complete your course anytime, anywhere.


acha certificate

Upon passing each Course, an AHCA-compliant certificate is automatically uploaded to the app and emailed to your
facility administrator. At the end of any trainings for which AHCA requires a statement be signed by both employee
and administrator acknowledging review of facility-specific policies, like 2 Hour Preservice Orientation, the employee
will be prompted to sign the statement at the end of the Course, and the facility administrator will receive their prompt to sign it in the ALF Boss Staff Module.

Get your automated AHCA-compliant certificate upon passing each course.

Custom Training Materials

All course content is written by AHCA-certified instructors for ALF Trainings. Now including:

  • Safe Food Handling Practices
  • Elopement Inservice
  • Emergency Management
  • Resident Rights
  • DNRO Policies & Procedures
  • Reporting Major & Adverse Events
  • Infection Control
  • 2 Hr Preservice Orientation
  • .. plus many more coming soon!

Unlimited access to our custom training materials

Simplify your AHCA compliance daily task

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ALF Boss Trainings is available to users of the ALF Boss Staff Module. Pricing is based on the number of beds at your facility. To subscribe, login to the ALF Boss Staff Module and look for the popup announcing the launch of ALF Boss
. You may also manage your subscriptions anytime from the facility subscription tab in ALF Boss.

Unlimited Staff $18 / Monthly