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Cure your AHCAxiety

Cure Your AHCAxiety!

Reduce your AHCA Related Fears.Be Better Prepared for AHCA Interactions

by Alf Boss

it has helped hundreds of ALF owners, managers and staff dramatically reduce their AHCAXIETY and Improve and Simplify their facilities AHCA compliance.

This guide is packed with real-life facility examples and I’m certain you will find it to be a great resource. I hope you enjoy!
Assistive Care Services

How to Bill for Assistive Care Services:

How to get an extra $379.75a month per resident.

by Alf Boss

After reading this guide you will learn about extra money avalabile to ALF’s and Family Care Homes… This guide is packed with a explanation about these extra funds avabile and how to obtain them and how to Bill for this hidden secret. I’m certain you will find it to be a great resource. I hope you enjoy!
Turning Complaints to Compliments

How To Create A Complaint & Grievance System AHCA Will Love!

You'll be surprised how easy and effective this process is

by Alf Boss

Assisted living is essentially about providing standard care for all residents as the only way to ensure consistent occupancy rates is through the maximization of satisfaction -for residents and their relatives.

Achieving satisfaction for this group and maintaining a reputable standing within your professional community is a result of the operations, services offered and activities of the assisted living facility.