The facility shall provide each resident with the following:
(1) Apartment unit with a bathroom, refrigerator, and cooking capacity, including a sink;
(2) The unit shall be a minimum of 220 square feet, not including the bathroom;
(3) The cooking capacity may be removed or disconnected depending on the individual needs
of the resident;
(4) The unit shall have a separate and complete bathroom with a sink, shower, and toilet;
(5) The unit shall accommodate physically challenged persons and persons in wheelchairs,
as needed;
(6) The unit shall have a call system monitored 24- hours a day by facility staff;
(7) The unit shall be wired for telephone and television;
(8) Access to common areas such as activity rooms, lounges, dining rooms, and laundry; and
(9) Private accessible mailbox in which the resident may send and receive mail, which meets
postal standards.