(a) There shall be written policies and procedures to follow in an emergency which shall include provisions for the
(1) Arranging for rapid primary care provider attention or arranging for other available
(2) Transportation arrangements for hospitalization or other services which are appropriate;
(3) Maintenance of an appropriate first aid kit for emergency use; and
(4) Quarterly rehearsal of emergency evacuation plans for staff and residents to follow in case
of fire, explosion, or other civil emergency occurring in or within the environs of the facility.

(b) The facility shall develop and maintain a written disaster preparedness plan to be followed in case
of emergency or disaster. A copy of the plan shall be readily available at all times within the facility. Such
plan shall include procedures for evacuating all individuals in the facility, which shall include the
(1) Provisions for evacuating residents with impaired mobility or cognitive impairments;
(2) Provisions for transporting all of the residents of the facility to a predetermined
appropriate facility or facilities that will accommodate all the residents of the facility
in case of a disaster requiring evacuation of the facility; and
(3) A written transfer agreement, renewed every two years, with the appropriate facility or
facilities for accommodating all of the residents of the facility in case of a disaster
requiring evacuation of the facility.


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