NAC 449.196  Qualifications and training of caregivers. 

     1.  A caregiver of a residential facility must:

     (a) Be at least 18 years of age;

     (b) Be responsible and mature and have the personal qualities which will enable him or her to understand the problems of elderly persons and persons with disabilities;

     (c) Understand the provisions of NAC 449.156 to 449.27706, inclusive, and sign a statement that he or she has read those provisions;

     (d) Demonstrate the ability to read, write, speak and understand the English language;

     (e) Possess the appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities to meet the needs of the residents of the facility; and

     (f) Receive annually not less than 8 hours of training related to providing for the needs of the residents of a residential facility.

     2.  If a resident of a residential facility uses prosthetic devices or dental, vision or hearing aids, the caregivers employed by the facility must be knowledgeable of the use of those devices.

     3.  If a caregiver assists a resident of a residential facility in the administration of any medication, including, without limitation, an over-the-counter medication or dietary supplement, the caregiver must:

     (a) Before assisting a resident in the administration of a medication, receive the training required pursuant to paragraph (e) of subsection 6 of NRS 449.0302, which must include at least 16 hours of training in the management of medication consisting of not less than 12 hours of classroom training and not less than 4 hours of practical training, and obtain a certificate acknowledging the completion of such training;

     (b) Receive annually at least 8 hours of training in the management of medication and provide the residential facility with satisfactory evidence of the content of the training and his or her attendance at the training;

     (c) Complete the training program developed by the administrator of the residential facility pursuant to paragraph (e) of subsection 1 of NAC 449.2742; and

     (d) Annually pass an examination relating to the management of medication approved by the Bureau.


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