Class III

0079 – Staffing Standards – Levels
Based on record review and interview, the facility failed to maintain documentation of a current CPR
and First Aid Card for 1 of 3 sampled staff (Staff B).


The findings include:

A review of Staff B’s employment records revealed, Staff B’ CPR and First AID expired.
Further record review revealed no current CPR or First Aid Card was found in Staff B’s file. Review of the
staffing schedule revealed Staff B works 11 PM-7 AM and is the only staff member in the Annex facility
on that shift.

During the interview with the Administrator and Manager revealed Staff B is the only staff member in the Annex on the 11 PM-7 AM shift. Administrator and  Manager stated they were unaware that her CR  and First Aid had expired. They acknowledged the findings and no additional information was provided for review.