1. A person may not operate an assisted living program in this State without obtaining a license from the Secretary and complying with the requirements of this chapter.
  2. Providing housing under a landlord-tenant arrangement does not, in and of itself, exclude a person from the licensure requirements of this chapter.
  3. Separate Licenses Required. Separate licenses are required for assisted living programs that are maintained on the same or separate premises, even though the programs are operated by the same person.
  4. The Secretary shall issue a license for a specified number of beds [and a specified level of care. A licensee may not provide services beyond its licensed authority].
  5. A program shall include residents admitted for short-term residential care and family members who are cared for by program staff in the program’s census, which shall not exceed the licensed number of beds.
  6. A licensee may not provide services beyond its licensing authority.

G.  The Secretary may issue a joint license with a local health department under this chapter.

Posting of License. An assisted living

  1. A program shall conspicuously post its license at the facility.

I. Failure to comply with this chapter and any other applicable State and local laws and regulations is grounds for sanctions, as specified in Regulations .56—.64 of this chapter.