1.1 A Nursing facility (NF) is a residential institution, as defined in 16 Delaware Code, §1102(4), which provides
services to residents which include resident beds, continuous nursing services, and health and treatment
services for individuals who do not currently require continuous hospital care. Care is given in accordance with
a physician’s orders and requires the competence of a registered nurse (RN).

1.2 Nursing facilities shall be subject to all applicable local, state and federal code requirements. The provisions of
42 CFR Ch. IV Part 483, Subpart B, requirements for Long Term Care Facilities, and any amendments or
modifications thereto, are hereby adopted as the regulatory requirements for skilled and intermediate care
nursing facilities in Delaware. Subpart B of Part 483 is hereby referred to, and made part of this Regulation, as
if fully set out herein. All applicable code requirements of the State Fire Prevention Commission are hereby
adopted and incorporated by reference.