10.1 In the event of the closing of a facility, the facility shall:
10.1.1 Notify the Division of Long Term Care Residents Protection, the Ombudsman, the Division of Public Health
and, if applicable, the Division of Medicaid and Medical Assistance and the Centers for Medicare and
Medicaid Services at least 90 days before the planned closure.
10.1.2 Notify each resident directly and his/her attending physician and, if applicable, his/her responsible party by
telephone and in writing at least 90 days before the planned closure.
10.1.3 Give the resident or the resident’s responsible person an opportunity to designate a preference for
relocation to a specific facility or for other arrangements.
10.1.4 Arrange for relocation to other facilities in accordance with the resident’s preference, if possible.
10.1.5 Ensure that all resident records, medications, and personal belongings are transferred with the resident
and, if to another facility, accompanied by the interagency transfer form.
10.1.6 Provide an accounting of resident trust fund accounts which shall be transferred to each resident’s
possession or to the facility to which the resident relocates. A record of the accounting of the funds shall be
maintained by the closing facility for audit purposes.
10.1.7 Advise any applicant for admission to a facility which has a planned closure date in writing of the planned
closure date prior to admission.