(a)  Except as otherwise provided in Rule .0203 of this Section, the Department shall issue an adult care home license to any person who submits the application material according to Rule .0204 of this Section and the Department determines that the applicant complies with the provisions of all applicable State adult care home licensure statutes and rules. All applications for a new license shall disclose the names of individuals who are co-owners, partners or shareholders holding an ownership or controlling interest of five percent or more of the applicant entity.

(b)  The license shall be conspicuously posted in a public place in the home.

(c)  When a provisional license is issued, the administrator shall post the provisional license and a copy of the notice from the Division of Health Service Regulation identifying the reasons for it, in place of the full license.

(d)  The license is not transferable or assignable.

(e)  The license shall be terminated when the home is licensed to provide a higher level of care or a combination of a higher level of care and adult care home level of care.