Prior to the sale of an adult care home business, the current and prospective licensee shall meet the requirements of this Rule.

(1)           The current licensee shall provide written notification of a planned change of licensee to the Division of Health Service Regulation, the county department of social services, and the residents or their responsible persons at least 30 days prior to the date of the planned change of licensee.

(2)           If the prospective licensee plans to purchase the building, the prospective licensee shall provide the Healthcare Planning and Certificate of Need Section of the Division of Health Service Regulation with prior written notice as required by G.S. 131E-184(a)(8) prior to the purchase of the building.

(3)           The prospective licensee shall submit the following license application material to the Division of Health Service Regulation:

(a)           the Change Licensure Application for Adult Care Home (7 or more Beds) that is available on the internet website, at no cost and includes the following:

(i)            facility administrator and building owner information;

(ii)           operation disclosure including new licensee information and management company, if any; and

(iii)          ownership disclosure including new owners, principles, affiliates, shareholders, and members;

(b)           a fire and building safety inspection report from the local fire marshal dated within the past 12 months;

(c)           a sanitation report from the sanitation division of the county health department dated within the past 12 months; and

(d)           a nonrefundable license fee as required by G.S. 131D-2.5.