(a)  Any building licensed for the first time as a family care home shall meet the applicable requirements of the North Carolina State Building Code.  All new construction, additions and renovations to existing buildings shall meet the requirements of the North Carolina State Building Code for One and Two Family Dwellings and Residential Care Facilities if applicable.  All applicable volumes of The North Carolina State Building Code, which is incorporated by reference, including all subsequent amendments, may be purchased from the Department of Insurance Engineering Division located at 322 Chapanoke Road, Suite 200, Raleigh, North Carolina 27603 at a cost of three hundred eighty dollars ($380.00).

(b)  Each home shall be planned, constructed, equipped and maintained to provide the services offered in the home.

(c)  Any existing building converted from another use to a family care home shall meet all the requirements of a new facility.

(d)  Any existing licensed home when the license is terminated for more than 60 days shall meet all requirements of a new home prior to being relicensed.

(e)  Any existing licensed home that plans to have new construction, remodeling or physical changes done to the facility shall have drawings submitted by the owner or his appointed representative to the Division of Health Service Regulation for review and approval prior to commencement of the work.

(f)  If the building is two stories in height, it shall meet the following requirements:

(1)           Each floor shall be less than 2500 square feet in area if existing construction or, if new construction, shall not exceed the allowable area for R-4 occupancy in the North Carolina State Building Code;

(2)           Aged or disabled persons are not to be housed on any floor above or below grade level;

(3)           Required resident facilities are not to be located on any floor above or below grade level; and

(4)           A complete fire alarm system with pull stations on each floor and sounding devices which are audible throughout the building shall be provided.  The fire alarm system shall be able to transmit an automatic signal to the local emergency fire department dispatch center, either directly or through a central station monitoring company connection.

(g)  The basement and the attic shall not to be used for storage or sleeping.

(h)  The ceiling shall be at least seven and one-half feet from the floor.

(i)  In homes licensed on or after April 1, 1984, all required resident areas shall be on the same floor level.  Steps between levels are not permitted.

(j)  The door width shall be a minimum of two feet and six inches in the kitchen, dining room, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.

(k)  All windows shall be maintained operable.

(l)  The local code enforcement official shall be consulted before starting any construction or renovations for information on required permits and construction requirements.

(m)  The building shall meet sanitation requirements as determined by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources; Division of Environmental Health.

(n)  The home shall have current sanitation and fire and building safety inspection reports which shall be maintained in the home and available for review.