The supervisor‑in‑charge is responsible to the administrator for carrying out the program in the home in the absence of the administrator. All of the following requirements must be met:

(1)           The applicant must complete the Application for Supervisor‑in‑Charge (DSS‑1862);

(2)           The qualifications of the administrator and co‑administrator referenced in Paragraphs (2), (5), (6), and (7) of Rule .0401 of this Subchapter shall apply to the supervisor‑in‑charge.  The supervisor‑in‑charge (employed on or after August 1, 1991) must meet a minimum educational requirement by being at least a high school graduate or certified under the GED Program or by passing an alternative examination established by the Department of Health and Human Services.  Documentation that these qualifications have been met must be on file in the home prior to employing the supervisor‑in‑charge;

(3)           The supervisor‑in‑charge must be willing to work with bonafide inspectors and the monitoring and licensing agencies toward meeting and maintaining the rules of this Subchapter and other legal requirements;

(4)           The supervisor‑in‑charge must verify that he earns 12 hours a year of continuing education credits related to the management of domiciliary homes and care of aged and disabled persons in accordance with procedures established by the Department of Health and Human Services;

(5)           When there is a break in employment as a supervisor‑in‑charge of one year or less, the educational qualification under which the person was last employed will apply.