These regulations do not apply to the following facilities:
(a) boarding homes or rooming houses which provide no personal services other than lodging and
(b) facilities offering temporary emergency shelter, such as those for the homeless and victims of family
(c) treatment facilities which provide medical and nursing services and which are approved by the state
and regulated under other more specific authorities;
(d) facilities providing residential services for federal, state or local correctional institutions under the
jurisdiction of the criminal justice system;
(e) hospices which serve terminally ill persons as defined in O.C.G.A. § 31-7-172(3);
(f) therapeutic substance abuse treatment facilities which are not intended to be an individual’s
permanent residence;
(g) group residences organized by or for persons who choose to live independently or who manage
their own care and share the cost of services including but not limited to attendant care, transportation,
rent, utilities and food preparation;
(h) charitable organizations providing shelter and other services without charging any fee to the
resident; or
(i) any separate and distinct dwelling which is classified by the Department as a community living
arrangement subject to the Rules and Regulations for Community Living Arrangements, Chapter 290-9-
37. A facility classified as a Community Living Arrangement cannot be operated on the same premises as
a personal care home.