(1) Prior to being granted a permit each home shall develop a written Statement of policies and
procedures outlining the responsibilities of the management and of the residents and which insure
compliance with the Rules for Personal Care Homes. The statement shall include procedures for
handling acts committed by staff or residents which are inconsistent with the policies of the home.
(2) The administrator or on-site manager of each personal care home shall designate qualified staff as
responsible staff to act on his or her behalf and to carry out his or her duties in the administrator or on-site
manager’s absence. No resident shall be designated as staff.
(3) Personnel shall be assigned duties consistent with their position, training, experience, and the
requirements of Rule 111-8-62-.10.
(4) Each home shall have a written and regularly rehearsed disaster preparedness plan, approved by
the Department, in compliance with O.C.G.A. § 31-7-3(c). Evacuation plan drills shall be held by each
home at least semi-annually.
(5) Each home shall have a currently listed telephone number and a telephone which is maintained in
working order.