(1) The home shall have as many employees on duty at all times as may be needed to properly
safeguard the health, safety and welfare of the residents, as required by these regulations. As a minimum
the following shall be observed:
(a) At least one administrator, on-site manager, or a responsible staff person shall be on the premises
twenty-four (24) hours per day. Residents shall not be left unsupervised. A minimum on-site staff to
resident ratio shall be one (1) staff person per fifteen (15) residents during waking hours and one (1) staff
person per twenty-five (25) residents during non-waking hours;
(b) For purposes of these regulations, a resident shall not be considered a staff person; and
(c) All personal care homes must maintain a monthly work schedule for all employees, including relief
workers, showing adequate coverage for each day and night.

(2) Sufficient staff time shall be available to insure that each resident:
(a) receives treatments, medications and diet as prescribed;
(b) receives proper care to prevent decubitus ulcers and contractures;
(c) is kept comfortable and clean;
(d) is treated with dignity, kindness, and consideration and respect.
(e) is protected from injury and infection;
(f) is given prompt, unhurried assistance if she or he requires help with eating; and
(g) is given assistance, if needed, with daily hygiene, including baths and oral care.