(1) Furnishings of the home in the living room, bedroom and dining room shall be maintained in good
condition, intact, and functional.

(2) Furnishings and housekeeping standards shall be such that a home presents a clean and orderly

(3) Resident bedroom furnishings shall include the following:
(a) an adequate closet or wardrobe;
(b) lighting fixtures sufficient for reading and other resident activities;
(c) a bureau or dresser or the equivalent and at least one chair with arms per resident in each bedroom;
(d) a mirror appropriate for grooming;
(e) an individual bed at least 36-inches wide and 72-inches long with comfortable springs and mattress,
clean and in good condition. The mattress shall be not less than five-inches thick, or four-inches, if of a
synthetic construction. Couples may request a double bed when available. Roll-a-ways, cots, doubledecks,
stacked bunks, hide-a-beds and studio couches are not to be used in lieu of standard beds; and
(f) bedding for each resident which includes two sheets, a pillow, a pillow case, a minimum of one
blanket and bedspread. A home shall maintain a linen supply for not less than twice the bed capacity. A
home shall provide each resident clean towels and wash cloths at least twice weekly and more often if
soiled. Bed linen shall be changed at least weekly or more often in soiled.

(4) Provision shall be made for assisting a resident to personalize the bedroom by allowing the use of
his or her own furniture if so desired and mounting or hanging pictures on bedroom walls.