(1) Each personal care home shall provide room, meals and personal services to the residents of the
home which are commensurate with the needs of the individual residents. The personal services shall
include 24 hour responsibility for the well-being of the residents. Each home shall provide individual
residents protective care and watchful oversight including but not necessarily limited to, a daily
awareness by the management of resident’s functioning, his or her whereabouts, the making and
reminding a resident of medical appointments, the ability and readiness to intervene if a crisis arises for a
resident, supervision in areas of nutrition, medication and actual provision of supportive medical services.
Personal services shall be provided by the administrator or on-site manager or by appropriately qualified
staff designated by the administrator or on-site manager.

(2) Assistance shall be given to those residents who are unable to keep themselves neat and clean.

(3) Each home shall provide sufficient activities to promote the physical, mental and social well-being of
each resident.

(4) Each home shall provide as a minimum, books, newspapers, and games for leisure time activities.
Each home shall encourage and offer assistance to residents who wish to participate in hobbies, music,
arts and crafts, religion, games, sports, social, recreational and cultural activities available in the home
and in the community.

(5) Each home shall have at least one operable, non-pay telephone which is accessible at all times for
emergency use by staff. Residents shall have access to an operable, non-pay telephone in a private
location, both to make and receive personal calls. The same telephone may meet all the requirements of
this section.

(6) The routine of the home shall be such that a resident may spend the majority of his or her nonsleeping
hours out of the resident’s bedroom, if he or she so chooses.

(7) At no time may a home restrict a resident’s free access to the common areas of the home or lock
the resident into or out of the resident’s bedroom