(1) A minimum of three regularly scheduled, well-balanced, meals shall be assured seven days a week.
Not more than fourteen hours shall elapse between the substantial evening and morning meal. Meals
shall meet the general requirements for nutrition published by the Department or currently found in the
Recommended Daily Diet Allowances, Food and Nutrition Board, National Academy of Sciences. Meals
shall be of sufficient quantity, proper form, consistency and temperature. Food for at least one nutritious
snack shall be available and offered each midafternoon and evening.

(2) All perishable foods shall be stored at such temperatures as will protect against spoilage.

(3) All foods while being stored, prepared or served shall be protected against contamination and be
safe for human consumption.

(4) Food received or used in a personal care home shall be from sources considered satisfactory by the
county and the Department and shall be clean, wholesome, free from spoilage, adulteration, and
misbranding, and safe for human consumption.

(5) A home shall have a properly equipped kitchen to prepare regularly scheduled, well-balanced,
meals unless it arranges for meals with a permitted food service establishment.

(6) A home shall possess a valid food service permit where applicable.

(7) A home shall maintain a three day supply of non-perishable foods for emergency needs.

(8) Menus shall be written and posted 24 hours prior to serving of the meal. Any change or substitution
shall be noted and considered as a part of the original menu.

(9) A home shall maintain records of all menus as served. Menus shall be kept on file for thirty days for
review by the Department.

(10) A minimum of one individual qualified by training or by experience and performance shall be
responsible for food preparation. Additional food service staff, including relief persons necessary for
regular and timely meals, shall be employed.