(1) The temperature throughout the home shall be maintained by an adequate central heating system
or its equivalent at ranges which are consistent with individual health needs of residents. During winter
months, temperature during waking hours should be maintained at 70-75 degrees F and should not drop
below 62 degrees F. during sleeping hours.

(2) Mechanical cooling devices shall be made available for use in those areas of the building used by
residents when inside temperatures exceed 80 degrees F. No resident shall be in any residence area that
exceeds 85 degrees F.

111-8-62-.24 Supplies

(1) The home shall have a supply of first-aid materials available for use. This supply shall include, at a
minimum, band aids, thermometer, tape, gauze, and an antiseptic.
(2) A home shall insure that soap at the sinks and toilet tissue at each commode are provided for use
by the residents.
(3) Hand washing facilities provided in both kitchen and bathroom areas shall include hot and cold
running water, soap, and clean towe