1200-08-25-.04 FEES.

(1) Each ACLF, except those operated by the United States of America or the State of Tennessee, making an application for licensure under this chapter shall pay annually to the
Board’s administrative office, a fee based on the number of ACLF beds, as follows:
(a) Less than 25 beds $1,040.00
(b) 25 to 49 beds, inclusive $1,300.00
(c) 50 to 74 beds, inclusive $1,560.00
(d) 75 to 99 beds, inclusive $1,820.00
(e) 100 to 124 beds, inclusive $2,080.00
(f) 125 to 149 beds, inclusive $2,340.00
(g) 150 to 174 beds, inclusive $2,600.00
(h) 175 to 199 beds, inclusive $2,860.00
For ACLs of two hundred (200) beds or more, the fee shall be two thousand eight hundred and sixty dollars ($2,860.00) plus two hundred dollars ($200.00) for each twenty-five (25)
beds or fraction thereof in excess of one hundred ninety-nine (199) beds. The fee shall be submitted with the application or renewal and is not refundable.
(2) Each ACLF administrator shall submit to the Board’s administrative office an application fee of one hundred eighty dollars ($180.00). The fee shall be submitted with the initial application
or renewal application and is not refundable.