(1) Each living unit in an assisted-living community shall:
(a) Be at least two hundred (200) square feet for single occupancy, or for double occupancy if the room is shared with a spouse or another individual by mutual
(b) Include at least one (1) unfurnished room with a lockable door, private bathroom with a tub or shower, provisions for emergency response, window to
the outdoors, and a telephone jack;
(c) Have an individual thermostat control if the assisted-living community has more than twenty (20) units; and
(d) Have temperatures that are not under a client’s direct control at a minimum of seventy-one (71) degrees Fahrenheit in winter conditions and a maximum of
eighty-one (81) degrees Fahrenheit in summer conditions if the assisted-living community has twenty (20) or fewer units.
(2) Each client shall be provided access to central dining, a laundry facility, and a
central living room.
(3) Each assisted-living community shall comply with applicable building and life
safety codes as determined by the building code or life safety code enforcement
authority with jurisdiction.