3.1 The term “nursing home” or “nursing facility” shall not be used as part of the name of any facility in this State
unless it has been so licensed by the Division.

3.2 Each nursing facility shall develop written policies pertaining to the services provided.

3.3 A nursing facility shall not adopt any policy which conflicts with applicable statutes or regulations.

3.4 Inspections and monitoring by the Division shall be carried out in accordance with 16 Delaware Code, §1107.

3.5 Upon receipt of a report of any violation(s) of these regulations, the facility shall submit a written plan of action
to correct cited deficiencies within 10 working days or such other time period as may be specified. The plan of
action shall address corrective actions and include all measures and completion dates to prevent their
recurrence as follows:
3.5.1 How the corrective action will be accomplished for a resident(s) affected by the deficient practice;
3.5.2 How the facility will identify other residents having the potential to be affected by the same deficient
3.5.3 What measures or systemic changes will be put in place to ensure that the deficient practice will not recur;
3.5.4 What program will be put into place to monitor the continued effectiveness of the corrective actions.

3.6 The Division shall be notified, in writing, upon any changes in the administrator, assistant administrator or
director of nursing positions.

3.7 The nursing facility shall comply with 42 CFR 483.10, 483.12, 483.13, 483.15 and/or 16 Delaware Code,
§1121 regarding the rights of residents. Those rights shall be made available in writing to residents, guardians,
representatives or next of kin.

3.8 Each facility shall provide, in writing, the refund and prepayment policy at the time of admission, and in the
case of residents admitted while awaiting approval of third-party payment, an exact statement of responsibility
in the event of retroactive denial. The facility shall notify residents, in writing, at least 30 days prior to a rate

3.9 A facility may require an individual who has legal access to a resident’s income or resources available to pay
for facility care to sign a contract to provide for facility payment from the resident’s income or resources.
However, in doing so, the facility shall not require a third party to incur personal financial liability for the nursing
facility expenses.