39-932.    Adoption and enforcement of rules, regulations and standards.


The licensing agency shall adopt, amend, promulgate and enforce such rules, regulations and standards as may be deemed practicable, reasonable and necessary with respect to all






adult care homes, to be licensed hereunder and as may be designed to further the accomplishment of the purpose of this law in promoting safe, proper and adequate treatment and care of individuals in adult care homes in the interest of public health, safety and welfare. Such rules and regulations may prescribe minimum standards and requirements relating to the location, building, construction, size, equipment and facilities of adult care homes, the number and kind of residents allowed, the types of care offered, the records to be kept, the kind and frequency of reports and inventories to be made, and may generally establish such requirements as may be deemed necessary to protect the health, safety, hygiene, welfare and comfort of the residents.


Adult care homes which are in operation at the time of promulgation of any applicable rules and regulations or minimum standards under this act shall be given a reasonable time, under the particular circumstances not to exceed twelve (12) months from the date of such promulgation, within which to comply with such rules and regulations and minimum standards. The licensing agency may further establish by regulation a system whereby it may, on the basis of the investigations and evaluations herein provided for, uniformly rate adult care homes in terms of the quality and quantity of services and facilities provided.


History:    L. 1961, ch. 231, § 10; 1972, ch. 171, § 8; July 1