(1) General.

(a) Direction and Supervision. Responsibility for laundry services shall be assigned to an employee.

(b) Linen. Linens shall be handled, stored, processed, and transported in a manner consistent with
generally accepted infection control practices.

(2) Location and Space Requirements.

(a) Each assisted living facility shall have laundering facilities unless commercial laundries are used.
An on-site laundry shall be located in a specifically designated area, and there shall be adequate rooms and
spaces for sorting, processing, and storage of soiled material. Laundry rooms in Group and Congregate facilities
shall not open directly into resident rooms or food service areas. Domestic washers and dryers which are for the
exclusive use of residents may be provided in resident areas, provided they are installed in such a manner that
they do not cause a sanitation problem or offensive odors.

(b) Each assisted living facility shall have a system in place to keep clean linen and dirty linen
separated and to prevent the reuse of dirty linen before it is cleaned. Dirty linens and clothing shall not be stored,
even temporarily, in the area set aside for clean linen.

(c) Ventilation of Laundry. Provisions shall be made for proper mechanical ventilation of the laundry, if
located within the assisted living facility. Provisions shall also be made to prevent the re-circulation of air in
commercial equipment laundries into the heating and air conditioning systems outside the laundry area.