59A-36.031 Registered ALF Core Training Provider Responsibilities.

The following are the responsibilities of a registered core training provider:

(1) USE OF MINIMUM CORE TRAINING CURRICULUM. A registered core training provider is responsible for the following:

(a) Conducting core training using the minimum core training curriculum required by rule 59A-36.028, F.A.C.; and

(b) Ensuring that all changes in ALF statutes and rules are immediately incorporated into the contents of his or her core training curriculum.

(2) CERTIFICATES. After a trainee successfully completes core training, the approved training provider must issue a certificate to him or her. In addition to the provider’s unique registration number, the certificate must include the information referenced in paragraph 59A-36.011(12)(a), F.A.C. The provider’s signature and registration number shall serve as documentation that the trainee has completed the required training.

(3) RECORDS. Approved providers must maintain records of each course taught for a minimum of 5 years. Course records must include the following information:

(a) The title of the training program;

(b) The agenda;

(c) The curriculum and any accompanying documentation and training aids;

(d) The training provider’s name and registration number;

(e) The trainees’ names, dates of participation and training location; and

(f) Training evaluations and roster signed by trainees.


(a) Approved training providers must submit the names of trainees completing core training to the testing authority within 10 calendar days after completion of the course. Names must be submitted to the following address: ALF at The MacDonald Research Institute, 28953 SR 54, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543. Names may be alternately submitted via email to al**********@gm***.com.

(b) The testing authority shall not process any requests for the competency exam, nor sit any individual for the exam, unless proper notice is submitted by an approved training provider pursuant to paragraph (a), of this subsection.

(5) GUEST SPEAKERS. If a core training provider uses guest trainers to teach or participate in specific training modules covered in the minimum core training curriculum referenced in rule 59A-36.028, F.A.C., the core trainer is responsible to ensure that the guest speaker meets the following minimum conditions:

(a) Has expertise in the specific subject matter; and

(b) Covers all components of the subject matter if he or she provides the module or portion of the module instruction.