• 64-14-10. Fire Safety, Disaster and Emergency Preparedness and Training.


10.1.  Fire Safety.


10.1.a.  The licensee shall provide evidence of compliance with applicable rules of the state fire commission.  The state fire marshal’s and commissioner’s written approval are required for any variation from compliance with the fire code.  (Class I)


10.2.  Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Plan.


10.2.a.  The assisted living residence shall have a written disaster and emergency preparedness plan with procedures to be followed in any emergency that could severely affect the operation of the residence.  (Class II)


10.2.b.  The disaster and emergency preparedness plan shall have procedures with  specific tasks and responsibilities for each class of employee in the event of missing residents, high winds, tornadoes, floods, bomb threats, utility failure, and severe winter weather.  (Class II)


10.2.c.  The disaster and emergency preparedness plan shall include a minimum of an emergency alternate shelter agreement, an emergency transportation policy, and a three (3) day food and drinking water supply.  (Class II)


10.2.d.  The licensee shall provide copies of the disaster and emergency preparedness plan at all staff stations, and staff shall know the location of the plan at all times.  (Class I)


10.2.e.  The licensee or administrator shall review and update the disaster and emergency preparedness plan on an annual basis and shall sign and date the plan to verify review.  (Class III)


10.2.f.  The licensee shall conspicuously post emergency call information near each telephone in the residence, excluding telephones in residents’ rooms, with the telephone numbers of the fire department, the police, an ambulance service and other appropriate emergency services, and key staff telephone numbers.  (Class I)


10.2.g.  The licensee shall rehearse the disaster and emergency preparedness plan with all staff from each shift annually and shall keep documentation of the rehearsal that includes verification of participation by each employee’s signature and a critique of the rehearsal by the licensee or administrator.  (Class I)


10.2.h.  The licensee shall within twenty-four (24) hours of admission, show all new residents how to evacuate the residence in an emergency and shall document this in the residents’ records.  (Class I)