Intermittent Nursing Services

There are certain times when level 4 ARCPs are allowed to provide intermittent nursing services such as medication administration, administration of health treatments, diabetic management, nonroutine ostomy care, and tube feeding. Be sure to check out the following regulation provided by the DHH to appropriately provide and track this care:

  • 6845. Intermittent Nursing Services
  1. Intermittent nursing services may be provided by level 4 ARCPs only. At no time shall an ARCP serve as a provider for a resident whose condition is so unstable as to require continuous monitoring by licensed professional staff.
  2. Where intermittent nursing services are provided, the following provisions shall apply.
  3. All nursing services shall be provided in accordance with acceptable standards of practice and shall be delivered as prescribed by the resident’s physician and in accordance with the PCSP.
  4. The ARCP shall have written policies and procedures governing intermittent nursing services, including but not limited to the following:
  5. responding to medical emergencies on all shifts;
  6. ensuring that there is sufficient nursing staff to meet the needs of the residents;
  7. ensuring that the ARCP’s licensed nurse is notified of nursing needs as identified in the PCSP for each resident;
  8. defining the duties, responsibilities, and limitations of the ARCP licensed nurse in policy and procedures;
  9. defining the policy for conducting nursing assessments;
  10. delegating and training of ARCP staff to assist with nursing services;
  11. coordinating with other third party contracted health service providers;
  12. documentation by nursing personnel; and
  13. infection control.