(a) There are two types of assisted living home licenses, as follows:

(1) probationary, for homes

(A) that have not previously been licensed under AS 47.33 and this chapter; or

(B) for which a standard license has been converted to probationary status because of noncompliance with AS 47.33 or this chapter;

(2) standard, for homes that have passed the probationary period.

(b) Subject to the possibility of suspension or revocation under AS 47.33 and this chapter, a license is valid for the following periods:

(1) probationary: a period set by the licensing agency, not to exceed two years, with a possible one-year extension; and

(2) standard: two years, except as stated in 7 AAC 75.090.

(c) Repealed 4/6/2002.

(d) A license will be issued to a home providing care

(1) primarily to persons with a mental or developmental disability, in which case it is the responsibility of the Department of Health and Social Services;

(2) primarily to persons who have a physical disability, who are elderly, or who suffer from dementia, but who are not diagnosed as chronically mentally ill, in which case it is the responsibility of the Department of Administration; and

(3) to approximately equal numbers of persons described in (1) and (2) of this subsection, or to a home seeking its probationary license and for which the administrator has not yet decided which specific category of persons to serve; in such a case the Department of Health and Social Services and the Department of Administration will jointly consider the purposes of AS 47.33, the service features of the particular home, and, if any, the preference of the home, and jointly decide which one of those agencies will have the sole licensing responsibility for that home; a dual license, entitling the home to serve persons described in both (1) and (2) of this subsection, will be issued; an
applicant for a dual license may apply to either agency. (Eff. 7/1/95, Register 134; am 4/6/2002, Register 162)