(a) The licensing agency will

(1) license assisted living homes in accordance with AS 47.33 and this chapter;
(2) investigate license applicants, licensees, and homes that are required to be licensed for compliance with AS 47.33 and this chapter;
(3) enforce the standards established by AS 47.33 and this chapter; and
(4) inspect and investigate complaints of abandonment, abuse, exploitation, neglect, or
self-neglect in assisted living homes.

(b) The licensing agency may designate by a written agreement conforming to (c) of this section a state, municipal, or private agency to investigate and make recommendations to the licensing agency for the licensing of assisted living homes under procedures and standards of operation established by the licensing agency.

(c) An agreement executed under (b) of this section must include

(1) a description of the respective regulatory responsibilities of the licensing agency and
the other agency;
(2) procedures for processing variance requests;
(3) procedures for record maintenance and sharing; and
(4) procedures for appealing the investigative findings and recommendations made by
the designated agency for and to the licensing agency.