(a) A person may not begin operation of an assisted living home until that person has obtained a probationary or standard license from the appropriate licensing agency. A person may not move the location or make a major
modification of a licensed assisted living home, or increase the number of residents the home is licensed
to serve until that person has obtained approval for a modification of its license from the licensing
agency. An application under this section must be made on a form supplied by the licensing agency. A
person may not apply for a license to operate one or more additional homes until each current home has
passed the probationary period and been issued a standard license. For purposes of this subsection,
“major modification” means a change to the home that, during construction of the modification, would
adversely affect the residents, services to residents, or emergency evacuation of residents.

(b) An application for a license to operate an assisted living home must be notarized and must contain

(1) the name, title, address, telephone number, and, if available, electronic-mail address and facsimile number of

(A) the applicant;
(B) each person who has an ownership interest in the home;
(C) the chief executive officer of the unit or subunit of government, if the
applicant is a government entity;
(D) the owner of the premises in which the home will be located, if the
applicant is not the owner of the premises; and
(E) the administrator of the home;

(2) the name of the assisted living home, if known by a name;

(3) the address of the assisted living home or the proposed new location of the assisted living home;

(4) evidence that the administrator meets the requirements of 7 AAC 75.215, 7 AAC 75.220, and 7 AAC 75.230;

(5) repealed 4/6/2002;

(6) the number of individuals within the maximum occupancy number established by the
fire safety inspection required under 7 AAC 75.270 that a home licensed for six or more residents
intends to serve;

(7) the number of residents the home intends to serve who are expected to be persons who

(A) have a primary diagnosis of mental illness or physical or developmental
disability; or
(B) are elderly or suffering from dementia, but who are not mentally ill;

(8) the services the home proposes to offer;

(9) copies of all permits and approvals required by state or local government agencies, other than the licensing agency, for construction or operation of the home;

(10) any request for temporary or permanent variance from a provision of AS 47.33 or this chapter, as provided in 7 AAC 75.410 – 7 AAC 75.490;

(11) a staff plan that describes the number of employees that will be employed by the
home and each employee’s responsibilities; the application must indicate that the home is prepared to
modify the proposed staff plan to meet the terms of an individual residential services contract executed
under AS 47.33.210 or an assisted living plan prepared under AS 47.33.220 and 47.33.230;

(12) a disaster preparedness plan to protect the residents of the home from disaster;

(13) a business plan, if applying to operate a home licensed for 11 or more residents or
to operate multiple homes; the plan must include a description of the plan, services offered, the location
of the business, a management and personnel plan, and projected detail of anticipated monthly expenses
for six months; and

(14) information concerning any denial of a prior application, voluntary termination of a
license during an investigation, or termination of an administrator or care provider for cause.

(c) An application to modify a license must contain the applicant’s name, title, address, telephone number, and, if available, electronic-mail address and facsimile number. The application must
also describe the modification sought. If the modification is to increase the number of residents served
to 11 or more, the application must also include the business plan described in (b)(13) of this section