(a) Before a license expires, the licensing agency will notify the licensee that the license is due for renewal.

(b) The licensing agency may inspect an assisted living home at any time before a license expires, to determine compliance with AS 47.33 and this chapter and eligibility for renewal.

(c) If the licensing agency finds that the home is not in compliance with AS 47.33 and this
chapter, the home, in coordination with the licensing agency, shall develop a plan of correction with a
date for achieving compliance with each provision found to be in noncompliance. If the home is in
substantial compliance by each applicable date set out in the plan of correction, the licensing agency will
issue a probationary license. If the home is in compliance, the licensing agency will issue a standard

(d) If the licensing agency finds that the home is in compliance with AS 47.33 and this chapter,
has provided services to residents in accordance with its contracts and plans of care, has maintained the
home in good repair, and is in compliance with all applicable local and state building code, fire code,
and sanitation code requirements, the agency will renew the home’s standard license for two years.

(e) If several licensees apply for renewal within a short time, the licensing agency may stagger
the license renewal dates to facilitate handling the renewals. The licensing agency may adjust renewal
dates to facilitate the licensing of each assisted living home located in the same geographic area at the
same time. The licensing agency will not extend or adjust a renewal date for an assisted living home
that, during the licensing period, has had more than one complaint filed against it for which the licensing
(1) and the home have developed a plan of correction; or
(2) has issued a notice of violation.
(f) Repealed 4/6/2002.
(g) Repealed 4/6/2002.
(h) Repealed 4/6/2002.
(i) The licensing agency will promptly notify the licensee in writing of any rescheduled renewal


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