(a) An assisted living home shall offer three balanced, nutritious meals and at least one snack daily at consistent times. A home shall ensure that the meals and snacks offered include the recommended number of servings of each food type set out in the United States Department of Agriculture publication, The Food Guide Pyramid, as revised as of October 1996 and adopted by reference. The home shall offer a wide variety of food that includes fresh fruits
and vegetables as often as possible.

(b) The home shall consider each resident’s health-related or religious restrictions, cultural or ethnic preferences in food preparation, and preference for smaller portions, as reflected in the resident’s residential services contract executed under AS 47.33.210 and assisted living plan prepared under AS 47.33.220 and 47.33.230. The home shall also consider a resident’s decision, from time to time, to be served smaller portions even if that issue is not addressed in the contract or plan.

(c) An assisted living home shall keep a written record of each day’s menu, document whether the meals served were as described in those menus, and keep the documented menus on file for at least one year for review by the licensing agency.