(a) An assisted living home licensed for
(1) six or more residents must satisfy applicable state and municipal standards for sanitation and environmental protection and ensure that the home is inspected at least every two years by each state or municipal authority responsible for these inspections; a copy of each inspection report must be maintained for at least two years and made available for review by the licensing agency; the licensing agency may submit a request for inspection to the state or municipal authority on the home’s behalf; the home is responsible for any fee charged by the state or municipal authority for the inspection;

(2) less than six residents must
(A) if the home has a private water supply, have it approved by the municipal health authority, have the water tested for bacterial contamination at least once each year, and label non potable water on the premises to avoid inappropriate use; and
(B) ensure that sewage and liquid wastes are discharged into a public sewer system or into an independent sewage system approved by the appropriate state or municipal authority.

(b) The licensing agency may inspect an assisted living home licensed for fewer than six residents to determine, with consideration given to prevailing community residential standards, whether the home is clean and maintains satisfactory levels of sanitation and environmental protection. As part of an inspection, the licensing agency will determine whether the home has
(1) a sufficient supply of potable water and an acceptable system for the disposal of sewage; and
(2) the facilities necessary for the proper care, storage, and preparation of food.

(c) Repealed 4/6/2002.

(d) If the licensing agency determines that it is necessary, the agency will request an advisory
inspection report from one or more state or municipal sanitation or public health authorities. The home is responsible for any fee charged by the state or municipal authority for the inspection.