(a) If a resident experiences a medical emergency, serious injury, or accident, is involved in assaultive behavior that could injure the resident or another person or that requires police intervention, or is absent without prior notice to the home and could pose a risk of harm to the resident or others, the assisted living home shall

(1) access emergency services, if needed, and provide the emergency care that a reasonably prudent person would provide under the circumstances, including notice to the resident’s physician and representative; and

(2) record the date, time, and circumstances of the accident, serious injury, medical
emergency, or incident in the resident’s file and in any general daily log kept by the home, and provide a
copy of the report to the licensing agency as required under 7 AAC 75.340.

(b) An assisted living home shall maintain readily-available first aid supplies appropriate to its
size, and post or make readily available the first aid procedures.