(a) An assisted living home shall provide, on a form supplied by the licensing agency, written notice to the licensing agency, to each affected resident or that resident’s representative, and to any service coordinator, as follows:

(1) within 24 hours or on the next business day if

(A) an administrator, a care provider, or an individual who resides in the home, other than a resident receiving services, is arrested or convicted of an offense listed in 7 AAC 75.215; for purposes of notice under this subparagraph, a resident is an affected resident if the resident was a victim of the offense committed, or if the offense was committed on the premises of the assisted living home;
(B) unable to correct a violation constituting an emergency under 7 AAC 75.530 – 7 AAC 75.550;
(C) a resident dies of other than a natural cause; or
(D) physical restraint is used under 7 AAC 75.295; notification under this subparagraph shall be provided only to the resident’s representative; notification under this subparagraph need not be made if the resident’s assisted living plan indicates that
(i) prenotification is required as established under 7 AAC 75.295(c)(3)(C); or
(ii) notification under (4) of this subsection is sufficient as established under 7 AAC 75.295(d)(1);

(2) within 48 hours after a resident
(A) experiences a medical emergency, serious injury, or accident; notice under this subparagraph must include information as to whether the resident required more than 24 hours of hospitalization;
(B) is involved in assaultive behavior that resulted in the need for medical
treatment for the resident or another individual, or that required police intervention; or
(C) is absent from the home for 24 hours or longer without prior notice to the home;

(3) within 72 hours, and not less than 24 hours, before the termination under AS 47.33.360(a)(1) or (a)(4) of a resident’s residential services contract with the home;

(4) within five days if physical restraint is used under 7 AAC 75.295 unless a shorter
time is provided in a resident’s assisted living plan in accordance with 7 AAC 75.295(c); the notice
must include the information required by 7 AAC 75.295(d);

(5) at least 14 days before a change in the home’s mailing address;

(6) at least 30 days before
(A) a rate increase;
(B) termination under AS 47.33.360(a)(2), (a)(3), (a)(5), or (a)(6) of a
resident’s residential services contract with the home; notice must be given in the manner
required by AS 47.33.360(b); or
(C) amendment of a residential services contract to require an advance
payment under AS 47.33.030; and

(7) at least 90 days before
(A) a closure of the home; or
(B) a relocation of the home.
(b) An assisted living home shall request a variance under 7 AAC 75.410 – 7 AAC 75.490 if
the home cannot meet an applicable requirement of AS 47.33 or this chapter.
(c) An assisted living home shall notify the licensing agency, in writing, before taking an action
that requires
(1) a request for modification when the administrator, individual, or entity named in the current application changes;
(2) a request for licensing agency approval of a modification to increase resident capacity; or
(3) notification because the use of the home will change from exclusive occupancy as
an assisted living home to shared use as a business or other enterprise; a notification under this
paragraph must include information to show compliance with 7 AAC 75.260(b).