8.1 Nursing facilities shall comply with the rules and regulations adopted and enforced by the State Fire Prevention
Commission or the municipality with jurisdiction.

8.2 Regular fire drills shall be held at least quarterly on each shift. Written records shall be kept of attendance at
such drills.

8.3 Each facility shall develop and maintain all-hazard emergency plans for evacuation and sheltering in place.
The plan must be submitted to the Division and DEMA in a digital format and it must conform to the template
prescribed by the Division.

8.4 The staff on all shifts shall be trained on emergency and evacuation plans. Evacuation routes shall be posted
in a conspicuous place at each nursing station.

8.5 In the event of a facility evacuation, the evacuation plan shall, at a minimum, provide for the transfer or
availability of resident medications and records.

8.6 Each facility shall submit with an application for a license and annual renewal of a license:
8.6.1 A current all hazards emergency plan, and
8.6.2 Copies of the FEMA certificate of achievement which demonstrate that at least two active, full-time
employees have completed FEMA training in ICS-100 and NIMS-700a in the past 24 months.