A. Regulated Services
1. All Adult Residential Care Facilities (also known as Board and Care Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Personal Care Homes, Shelter Care Homes, Foster
Homes, etc.), including facilities or agencies owned or operated by any governmental, profit, non-profit, private, or church organization shall be licensed.

2. Adult Residential Care Facilities provide personal assistance, lodging, and meals for compensation to two (2) or more adults who are unrelated to the residence
licensee, owner, or director.

3. A license is not required under this licensing law if a facility does not provide at least one personal service, as defined under §8813, in addition to lodging and

B. Application Procedure
1. An applicant for a license must submit one copy of a completed license application form to the: Department of Social Services, Bureau of Licensing, P.
O. Box 3078, Baton Rouge, La. 70821; Telephone: (225) 922-0015, Fax: (225) 922-0014.

2. All fees must be paid in full by certified check or money order, only.

3. Documentation from local/city authorities that the facility or location is properly zoned must be submitted to the Bureau of Licensing.

4. Upon receipt of an application for a license, the Bureau of Licensing will request that the State Fire Marshal and the Office of Public Health inspected the facility.
(The Bureau of Licensing makes these requests, however, it is the responsibility of
the applicant to obtain the inspections and get the approvals.)

5. The Bureau of Licensing will conduct an inspection of the facility and program.


C. Issuance of a License
1. A license will be issued only when the applicant has met the following items and written verification is received by the Bureau:
a. zoning approval;
b. State Fire Marshal approval;
c. Office of Public Health approval;
d. licensure survey verifying substantial compliance;
e. city fire department approval, if applicable; and,
f. license fee paid.

2. A license is valid only for the listed location and only for that applicant. The
license may not be transferred to another location or to another agency or

3. A license shall not be issued to any other facility or location, licensed by the State of Louisiana unless the area to be licensed as an Adult Residential Care Facility is
totally separated from the currently licensed area.
a. The area to be licensed as an Adult Residential Care Facility shall meet all licensing regulations as established for Adult Residential Care
Facilities and the appropriate module for which application has been made.
b. The Adult Residential Care Facility shall have a separate entrance, separate dining area, and separate common areas.
c. Direct care staff shall not be shared between two licensed facilities during the same shift.
d. An Adult Residential Care Facility may contract food services, laundry, and/or maintenance services from another licensed or unlicensed agency.

4. The month that the initial license is issued becomes the anniversary month and the license shall be renewed by that month each year as long as the facility is operated
at that location and by that owner. Relicensure requires a new application, the fee paid, fire and health approval, and approval by the Bureau of Licensing.

5. The facility or home shall not begin operation until a license has been issued.

6. The license must be displayed in an area that can be observed by the public.


D. Types of License
1. FULL – Issued when there are no substantial licensing deficiencies. It May be issued for any length of time, but may not be for longer than 12 months.
2. EXTENDED – A license may be extended when a situation arises which is not the fault of the licensee.
3. PROVISIONAL – Issued when there are license deficiencies that are not detrimental to the health and safety of residents, but that must be corrected.

NOTE: A license may not be issued when the facility or home has been disapproved by any approving agency. (Fire, Health, DSS, Zoning)
E. Types of Programs (Modules) Licensed
1. All facilities licensed under the Adult Residential Care Licensing Law shall follow the same procedures for licensure as stipulated in §8803.B.
2. All facilities licensed as an Adult Residential Care Home/Facility shall meet all applicable licensure requirements as established by these regulations.
3. Any applicant wishing to be licensed under one of the modules established by these regulations shall meet the Adult Residential Care Home/Facility or core
licensing regulations plus the regulations established for that individual module.