A. License Fees. There shall be a license fee of seventy-five (75) dollars.

NOTE: License fees must be paid annually and must be received by the Bureau of Licensing prior to renewal of a license. License fees, and all other fees, must be paid by
certified check or money order. Fees are non-refundable.

B. Other Fees.
1. Initial application fee – An initial application fee of twenty-five (25) dollars is required to be submitted with all initial applications. This non-refundable fee will
be applied toward the license fee when the facility is licensed.

2. Change fee – A charge of twenty-five (25) dollars is required for making changes in a license. (Change in capacity, name change, etc.) However, a fee is not
required when the request for a change coincides with a regular renewal of a license.

3. Processing fee – A processing fee of five (5) dollars is required for issuing a
duplicate copy of an existing license.