A. General
1. The facility shall be designed throughout to meet the accessibility needs of the residents.
2. Handrails and sufficient lighting are integrated into public areas as appropriate to assist residents in ambulation.
3. Windows used for ventilation to the outside and exterior doors used for ventilation shall be screened and in good repair.
4. The facility shall be constructed, equipped, and maintained in good repair and kept free of hazards.
5. The facility shall have sufficient storage space for administration records, locked areas for medications, cleaning supplies (janitorial), food service (supplies), and
lawn maintenance (equipment).
6. There shall be evidence of routine maintenance and cleaning programs in all areas of the facility. The facility shall replace or repair broken, worn, or defective
furnishings and equipment promptly.

B. Exterior Space
1. A Provider shall ensure that all structures on the grounds of the facility accessible to residents are maintained in good repair and are free from any excessive hazard
to health and safety.
2. A Provider shall maintain the grounds of the facility in an acceptable manner and shall ensure that the grounds are free from any hazard to health or safety.
a. Garbage and rubbish that is stored outside shall be stored securely in covered containers and shall be removed on a regular basis.
b. Trash collection receptacles and incinerators shall be separate from outdoor recreational space and located to avoid being a nuisance to neighbors.
c. Areas determined to be unsafe, including but not limited to steep grades, cliffs, open pits, swimming pools, high voltage boosters or high-speed
roads shall be fenced off or have natural barriers to protect residents.
d. Fences shall be in good repair.
3. A Provider shall have access to the outdoors for recreational use. The parking lot shall not double as recreational space.
4. If a Provider accepts residents that have dementia or other conditions that may cause them to leave or walk away from the home/facility, an enclosed area shall be
provided adjacent to the home/facility so that the residents may go outside safely.
5. The facility’s address or name shall be displayed so as to be easily visible from the street.
C. Common Space
1. A facility shall not share common living or dining space with another facility licensed to care for individuals on a twenty-four (24) hour basis.
2. The facility shall provide common areas to allow residents the opportunity for socialization.
3. Common areas for leisure shall be at least sixty (60) square feet per licensed capacity.
4. Dining rooms and leisure areas shall be available for use by residents at appropriate times to provide periods of social and diversified individual and group
5. The facility, with the exception of small personal care homes, shall provide public restrooms of sufficient number and location to serve residents and visitors.
(Public restrooms are located close enough to activity hubs to allow residents with
incontinence to participate comfortably in activities and social opportunities.)
6. The facility’s common areas shall be accessible and maintained to provide a clean, safe, and attractive environment for the residents.
7. Leisure common areas shall not be confined to a single room.
8. Space used for administration, sleeping, or passage shall not be considered as dining or leisure space.
9. These informal areas shall be maintained at a comfortable temperature at all times.
10. An effective pest control service shall be in place.
11. Living and/or recreational rooms shall be furnished according to the activities offered. Furniture for living rooms and sitting areas shall include comfortable
chairs, tables, and lamps of good repair and appearance.
12. The facility shall prominently post the Grievance Procedure, Resident’s Rights, House Rules, Abuse and Neglect procedures in an area accessible to all residents.

D. Food Service
1. The facility shall have appropriately furnished dining room(s) that can accommodate residents in a comfortable dining environment. Dining room(s)
maybe sized to accommodate residents in either one or two settings.
2. The facility shall have a central or a warming kitchen.
3. The kitchen and food preparation area shall be well lighted, ventilated, and located apart from other areas which could occasion food contamination.
4. All kitchens and dining facilities shall be adequate to serve the number of residents residing in the facility and shall meet all applicable sanitation and safety

E. Lighting
1. Sufficient lighting shall be provided for general lighting and reading in bedrooms/living units and common areas.
2. Night lights for corridors, emergency situations, and the exterior shall be provided as needed for security and safety.

F. HVAC/Ventilation.
The facility shall provide safe HVAC systems sufficient to maintain comfortable temperatures (65 – 80 degrees F) in all indoor public and private areas in all
seasons of the year.

G. Laundry
1. The facility shall have a laundry service, either on-site or off-site, that is adequate to handle the needs of the residents, including those with incontinence.
2. On-site laundry facilities shall be located in a specifically designated area, and there shall be adequate rooms and spaces for sorting, processing, and storage of
soiled material. Laundry rooms shall not open directly into resident common areas or food service areas. Domestic washers and dryers which are for the
exclusive use of residents may be provided in resident areas, provided they are installed in such a manner that they do not cause a sanitation problem or offensive