(a) An assisted living facility staff who has cause to believe that the physical or mental health or
welfare of a resident has been or may be adversely affected by abuse, neglect, or exploitation or
that the resident has died due to abuse or neglect, must report the abuse, neglect, or exploitation
(1) DADS Consumer Rights and Services section at 1-800-458-9858 or via the DADS website;
(2) one of the following law enforcement agencies:
(A) a municipal law enforcement agency, if the facility is located within the territorial
boundaries of a municipality; or
(B) the sheriff’s department of the county in which the facility is located if the facility is not
located within the territorial boundaries of a municipality.
(b) An assisted living facility must follow its internal policies regarding the prevention,
detection, and reporting of abuse, neglect, or exploitation.
(c) The following information must be reported to DADS:
(1) name, age, and address of the resident;
(2) name and address of the person responsible for the care of the resident, if available;
(3) nature and extent of the elderly or disabled person’s condition;
(4) basis of the reporter’s knowledge; and
(5) any other relevant information.
(d) An assisted living facility must immediately make an oral report to DADS of the alleged
abuse, neglect, or exploitation and must investigate the allegation and send a written report of the
investigation to DADS state office no later than the fifth calendar day after the oral report.
(e) An assisted living facility may not retaliate against a person for filing a complaint, presenting
a grievance, or providing in good faith information relating to personal care services provided by
the facility.
(f) An assisted living facility must require facility staff, as a condition of employment with the
facility, to sign a statement indicating that the employee may be criminally liable for the failure
to report abuse, neglect, or exploitation.